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Helping People Achieve Results

Based on what’s most important now and for the future.

When people don’t have the time, knowledge, or desire to coordinate and manage finances themselves, they collaborate with us in three primary ways, most often engaging in multiple services simultaneously.


You get to live life once. We’ll help you make the most of it and navigate the inevitable changes that come along the way. In addition to managing any current challenges you’re facing, we’ll outline everything that needs to happen to achieve your unique vision. You can rely on our expertise and experience guiding others in similar situations, while we rely on your intimate understanding of your own goals, abilities, and circumstances to drive recommendations right for you.

Planning clients typically seek:

  • A written plan leveraging our 127-point Standard of Care
  • Concrete answers on every aspect of their financial program
  • Accountability for goal achievement
  • Leadership in financial decision-making
  • Ongoing, proactive advice including quarterly meetings to track progress (more frequent scheduled contacts if desired)

Clients pay an annual retainer ranging from $2,700 to $10,000+ based on complexity of the situation, income, net worth, and amount of responsibility we assume.

Fiduciary Investment Management

Our investment process focuses on putting clients’ interests first and omits proprietary products that can get in the way of your objectives. In collaboration with the Commonwealth Financial Research Team, we offer advisor-managed accounts featuring cost-efficient investments, the same share classes as utilized by endowments, pension funds, and foundations.

Fiduciary Investment Management clients seek:

  • Delegation of management to experienced professionals
  • Risk-optimized strategies
  • Help to protect against undue risk
  • Help to avoid costly mistakes
  • Time saved for other important things in life

The cost for Fiduciary Investment Management is a percentage of all household assets being managed and is debited from accounts quarterly.


We want to meet clients where they are and help in the way that is most relevant and impactful. Our Projects engagement provides flexibility for limited-scope consulting as well as implementation of insurance-based strategies. Whatever the case, we’ll be here to answer any specific questions or concerns you have so you gain a complete understanding of the implications and benefits of every financial decision. 

With Projects, clients seek:

  • Help solving a specific problem
  • Independent advice and solutions
  • Limited engagement in scope and time

Projects are either based on an agreed-upon one-time cost for advice (min. $975) or based on commission when involving an insurance product.

How We Protect Our Clients' Personal Information & Accounts

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